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Who We Are

BikeRoar is an independent product resource website, devoted to helping cyclists #BuyLocal

  • Browse over 120,000 Cycling Products & 4,500 Local Bike Shops
  • Check out product guides, reviews, & compare specs
  • Find your nearest local bike shop for any product
  • Shop easier with the world’s largest cycling product & dealer locator

BikeRoar is built by, and dedicated to, bicycle enthusiasts.

We pledge to work every day to make BikeRoar the ultimate source for the latest information, the nearest bike shop, the best deals available and valuable expert advice. We are your new best friend.

We consider BikeRoar as much yours as it is ours. We’re running this site for you, so love it and share it, in that order.

Yeah, we’re cool like that.


Who We Aren’t

BikeRoar is not a sales force, franchise or corporate branch.

We are not a good place to buy DVD players, socks, canned ham or window dressings.

All of our efforts are focused on one thing: Bikes!

We do not take incentives or commissions from manufacturers or anyone else with a commercial interest in order to influence our opinions. In short, we don’t sell out.

We will never sacrifice quality or impartiality on this site, even if offered huge piles of money.

We do not talk on our mobile at the movies. That’s annoying.

Thank you from the team at BikeRoar. We hope to see you back here real soon.

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