Q. What is BikeRoar?

A. BikeRoar is a cycling review site that provides user reviews for anything related to bikes and cycling.

Q. Is BikeRoar affiliated to a particular manufacturer?

A. No, we are not affiliated with any brand or manufacturer and strictly follow a policy of providing unbiased and impartial information about any specific brand or manufacturer.

Q. Can I exchange Panther Points for cash?

A. No, but what you can exchange for your Panther Points is better than cash. Stay tuned for details. We will have more news on the redemption of Panther Points shortly.

Q. Are my personal details safe?

A. Yes, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Q. Does BikeRoar sell products as well as provide reviews?

A. No, BikeRoar does not sell any products. We do help you search for the cheapest deals on any cycling product.

Q. Can I advertise on BikeRoar?

A. Yes, you certainly can! For advertising queries, please see Advertise with Us or send email to info@bikeroar.com.

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